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Dan Day - DDR

With decades of Motorsport experience, one of SA's premier performance shops 'S&J Automotive' formed Team DDR. The Team spent two seasons from 2011 contesting Tarmac and Gravel Rallying at a national level, great success was achieved before shifting focus to the circuit in 2013. The Kumho V8 Touring Car Series gave driver Dan Day and his team the confidence to then enter the 2014 V8 Supercars Dunlop Series!

With the Support of Sponsors and the DDR Members Club, DDR have successfully completed 2 seasons of this premier racing category, with a great deal learned by all! Driver Dan Day has certainly proven that he has what it takes to do extremely well in the V8 Supercars Dunlop Series over the next three planned seasons which will include the teams shift to the "Car Of The Future" for the 2017 season

Have you too always wanted to be a part of Something Big? 
Consider Jumping on Board with our DDR Hall of Fame Support Group and benefit in many regards, including exclusive team wear, marketing opportunities and Hot-Laps


Image Racing Young Guns

DREAMLAND - supporting DDR  

Dreamland Bedding have for the 3rd consecutive season backed Dan as a Major Team DDR Sponsor for the Clipsal Adelaide 500!. See more about the iconic S.A. Bedding Giant and their range of products here:  www.dreamland.com.au

The Importance of 4×4 Tyre Providers in Brisbane

Maintaining the integrity of your 4×4 tyres is very important for your vehicles stability and smooth handling of the steering wheel. The larger the car, the sturdier and bigger the 4×4 tyre. While driving, if your car feels unmanageable and bouncy, it could be because you do not have the right set of 4×4 tyres in Brisbane. A good radial can mean the difference between easy to handle and rough and bouncy rides. Buying online Buying your car 4×4 tyres online may seem a strange idea, but it’s a common and done thing in today’s day and age. Now that the internet has taken over buying and selling online is easier and quick unlike driving to the shops and waiting till you are attended to.  For 4X4 tyres in Brisbane, we recommend Ozzy Tyres in Underwood.

Online providers in Brisbane will ask you for information about your car and its make before it recommends what 4×4 tyres you need to go for. They will take into account your budget and the chassis of your car. You can even be matched with your current radial dimension. In case you want to try something custom, you can always get an overview of the product you are looking for before you buy it. Most online providers will always give you information about each radial they sell and physical shops closest to your area. This helps in case you are having trouble deciding between two sets and need professional advice.

4×4 tyre care It is important to have the basic knowledge of 4×4 tyres and how to detect wear and tear in them. Your set of radials can also hold a certain amount of weight which is imperative to know. Overloading means more to carry around and can slow down your car tremendously. There are three main signs of wear and tear of radials. If you see bulges, cuts and patches or cracks, you must change the set immediately. A treadwear indicator which is a triangle located on the wall of the 4×4 tyre can be used to check wear and tear. Once the indicator is surpassed, you should change the radials

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