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The “Crew” is centred from S&J Automotive, an almost 20 year old family business that revolves around Performance cars and Motorsport.

Sean and Jo being the business owners, with Dan and Brad their teenage boys working within the business during the week, and racing on the weekends.

The other five staff at S&J, Matt, Shane, Simon, Reece and Mark also have active duties during and between the rounds, as the car has its own workshop within the S&J workshop, lovingly called the “V8 Room”.


Dan’s enormous passion for motorsport coupled with his complex mechanical experience and understanding have seen him learn, and then excel in every category he has driven in, including Motorkhana, Autocross, Hill-Climb, Circuit Sprint, Time-Attack, Gymkhana, Sports Sedan Racing, Tarmac Rally, Gravel Rally and most recently V8 Touring Car Racing.DDR’s Nineteen year old driver, Dan Day has been competing in motorsport events since he turned twelve.

Dan has a huge support network, from his family and family business, S&J Automotive, his many sponsors and his coach/mentor Steve Glenney.


Steve’s vast experience as a professional driver has seen him win national championships for circuit and rally, and even achieve outright ‘Targa Tasmania’ and ‘Targa Adelaide’ wins.

Steve has been a huge part of Dan’s rapid development, as the pair work together continually, on and off the track to improve everything from driving techniques to car set-up.

Steve has many roles within a V8 weekend, but none more important than working directly with Dan to improve race pace safely, including data engineering and race radio comms.


Dan’s folks Sean & Jo are responsible for getting the crew to and from the events, along with the many behind the scenes duties that are required between rounds and seasons.

Both are also completely active in the pits, with Sean being the ‘hands-on’ Crew Chief, and Jo taking care of many things including the Air jacks, Cool suit, and Car detailing.

Sean & Jo are also both fill-in truck drivers to share the load when frequenting the interstate rounds.


Brad is Dan’s three year younger brother, so full of dedication towards his brother’s racing career, but never losing sight of his own by still frequenting the circuit in various other classes in between V8 rounds.

Brad is solely responsible for all of the much watched and loved DDR action movies to date, his painstaking hours of filming and editing to help his brother become recognised in this sport has really paid off for the team.

Brad is also very active within the pit area, accurately weighing, calculating and then refuelling being his main responsibility, but with his vast range of mechanical skills he is always handy to have around for those “unscheduled repairs”.


Matt is S&J’s longest serving employee, and has dedicated an enormous amount of his own time to the team, Matt’s understanding of the car is immense due to his between round diligence in preparation.

Matt’s background in ‘service crewing’ extends to Speedway, Rally & Moto GP bikes. Matt is another extremely valuable team member within the pit garage.


Mark’s relationship with the Day family goes back over 30 years, Mark’s main expertise is Tyres as this is what his own business SA Motorsport Tyres revolves around.

Mark’s contribution to DDR is huge as he supplies his own late model truck, and with the help of other team members he even transports the car, spares and equipment to the interstate events.

As you can well imagine, Mark is yet another very important DDR Crew Member.


Frank joined Team DDR in January 2013, and brought to the team what they really needed, corporate experience and expertise.

Frank’s dedication via his very innovative means has seen Team DDR learn and succeed immediately with various levels of corporate hosting between and at their V8 rounds.

Frank’s personality compliments anything that he puts his mind to, but nothing more so than personally looking after the Corporate and individual Team DDR Members.