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There are Two very common sayings in motorsport:  “Just need seat time”  and “That’s Racing”.

Right at this time in Dan’s career we are feeling the effect of both of these each round.

We really have been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time too often of late, and further more are competing with drivers who are spending a lot more time behind the wheel than just 7 race weekends a year.

To move solidly into the Top Ten, Dan needs to add at least a couple of Touring Car and or Sports Sedan events to his calendar, along with some main game driver coaching that others are privy to. Our plight is to raise funds to make this happen whilst further engaging Dan’s most avid group of supporters, You!

Any company or individual who wishes to be a part of the 2016 DDR Hall of Fame should contact me herepromo@teamddr.com.au

Here is a guide as to what is on offer for given sponsorship amounts:

  • $ 100 = DDR Hall of fame cap
  • $500 = Cap plus Boxer Shirt, your name on the Touring Car / Sports Sedan
  • $1000 = Cap, Shirt plus your name on All cars for at least 1 round each
  • $1500 = Cap, Shirt plus a sponsorship plan inclusive of the above and more
  • $2000 = Cap, Shirt, Significant signage on the Touring Car, posters etc. Plus a Hot Laps session in a V8 Supercar when it suits you

The Highest Hall of Fame sponsorship allocation will receive full naming rights and major signage for the Touring Car events, keeping in mind that these are televised and some are at V8SC rounds also. In all cases you will become a member of the DDR hall of fame, which will be listed on our website and Facebook.

Jump on board to help propel Dan into the battle pack he needs to be in for better results and more air time for our sponsors!